Your first batch of 2011-12 all-name teamers

The college hoops blogosphere has a unique tradition, the kind of thing that makes you whimsically proud to be a college basketball blogger: Each year, a few sites -- notably Rush The Court, Ballin' Is A Habit, and Storming The Floor, among others -- comb through the thousands of college basketball players on new rosters in the interests of compiling a comprehensive list of the best names in the sport. This is the All-Name Team, and it is always fun.

The first batch of 2011-12 names -- put together by Ballin' Is A Habit's Troy Machir -- is no different. Click through to read their whole post; each team is worth seeing. The first team includes the likes of Orion Outterbridge (Rhode Island), Claybrin McMath (Bryant), Jordair Jett (St. Louis) Four McGlynn (Vermont) and, the player I believe has to be this year's all-name team preseason player of year, Wofford's Indiana Faithfull. Yes, the guy's name is Indiana Faithfull.

How did that name happen? You'd assume Faithfull's parents were big Bob Knight fans, right? Not true. In fact, Faithfull hails from Australia, and his parents were "looking for a western name," according to a May 2010 story in the Portland Press-Herald:

''We almost named him Cody or Wyatt,'' said his father, Marc Caleb, who has been in Portland since Christmas. ''But someone in our family said 'How about Indiana?' and we all thought it sounded great.''

For the record: Faithfull has a sister. Her name? Rhianna. I wish we could credit that to the widespread popularity of the pop single "We Found Love," which has been insidiously infesting my Spotify playlist count for about a week now, but I'm afraid the timing doesn't quite work out.

Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh, right: Funny names. Until one of the kids named "ESPN" becomes eligible to play college basketball, I'm not sure we're going to do much better than "Indiana Faithfull." But the legion of quirkily named college hoopsters entering the game each season will sure give it their best shot.