Jim Calhoun still waiting for Boatright news


Jim Calhoun was hoping for an answer by now. Instead, he's still waiting.

He's waiting, of course, for some news from the NCAA about freshman point guard Ryan Boatright, whose eligibility is under NCAA review. The review is reportedly related to a plane ticket -- otherwise known as an extra benefit -- Boatright may have received during his high school career. There are rumblings about possible involvement from his AAU coach, Reggie Rose, though the last we heard Rose hadn't been contacted by the NCAA.

Needless to say, Calhoun would like the investigation wrapped up as quickly as possible. From the Hartford Courant:

"There's no new information," Calhoun said. "We'd love to have him back. You'd hope the NCAA would prioritize and move things along. His situation is somewhat simplistic." [...] "He will return," Calhoun said. "When, I don't know."

As Calhoun told the Courant, without Boatright the only player on the Huskies who can "go by you" is sophomore guard Shabazz Napier. Walk-on guard Brendan Allen will receive whatever minutes Boatright would have played in UConn's season-opener versus Columbia Friday night -- provided, of course, Calhoun decides to dole those minutes out in the first place. In the meantime, Boatright can practice with the team, but he can't get on the court.

The good news for Connecticut fans? Calhoun still seems confident Boatright won't miss much time. Or, at least to Calhoun, that Boatright shouldn't miss much time. But the NCAA isn't in any rush. "Simplistic" or not, until some resolution is reached, UConn won't have all hands on deck. Stay tuned.