So. Miss, Arizona State come to blows

It wasn't quite Cincinnati-Xavier, thankfully, but Arizona State and Southern Miss became the second set of opponents in two weeks to spend at least some portion of their on-court time trading shots to the face and/or head.

It started with 12:14 remaining in Monday night's game — a 64-61 road win for Southern Miss — when Eagles guard LaShay Page drained a 3-pointer to tie the game at 34-34. In the ensuing clash under the rim, Southern Miss's Torye Pelham and Arizona State's Ruslan Pateev were tangled up and rustling for position when Pelham somewhat sneakily punched Pateev in the face. The blow didn't seem that impactful, but Pateev certainly didn't like it; he turned upcourt to chase Pelham, at which point Pateev slugged his opponent in the back of the head.

You can see the whole exchange — which begins at around the :30 second mark — here:

Both players were ejected and will be suspended for at least one game, as is the NCAA's policy. It will be interesting to see if either play draws a longer suspension from his school, though. You could certainly argue that sucker punches (whether aimed at the face or, less intelligently, at the back of an opponents' cranium) are worth missing more than one game. In any case, let's be glad this "brawl" was slightly more run of the mill — and certainly not nearly as dramatic or overwrought — as the one that tainted Xavier's win against Cincinnati two weeks ago.

That was next-level stupidity. This is merely garden variety. But neither brand is recommended.