3-point shot: Getting Calhoun's record right

1.UConn has been waiting for the committee on infractions to give it a ruling on whether it should count the two wins and one loss during Jim Calhoun's three-game suspension his record. NCAA stat guru Gary Johnson said this is the first time the suspension came from the COI, not the school or conference. In the past, any temporary absence by a coach has gone on his or her record. Johnson said as soon as the COI rules then he will pass it on to UConn. Johnson said the reason Mike Krzyzewski of Duke didn’t get the 4-15 record applied to his career numbers during the 1995 season when Pete Gaudet replaced him due to a back injury was because Duke told the NCAA Coach K was not going to return that season.

2.The home loss to Iowa on Dec. 31 may go down as the most significant result for Wisconsin during the regular season. The Badgers were stunned Tuesday night when an overtime, game-tying 3-pointer wasn’t counted. Now the 1-2 Badgers have to go to Michigan and Purdue. A 1-4 start may be too hard to overcome to stay in the hunt for the Big Ten title. A 2-2 mark would have been more palatable. But the Iowa loss and the 3-for-28 mark on 3s will haunt the Badgers in the Big Ten.

3.Tim who? That might have been the initial reaction when Tim Cluess was hired from C.W. Post to take over at Iona. But there has been a complete flip in the MAAC. Once-dominant Siena got smacked 95-59 by Cluess’ Gaels Tuesday night at MSG as yet another player not named Scott Machado stepped up with a star performance: Sean Armand scored a career-high 32 points.