Where have all the Big Boeheims gone?

Some collegiate traditions stick. Some fall by the wayside. Some can barely be called traditions -- they're just things you and your group of friends did when you were in school, and now that you're gone, your traditional Friday afternoon cornhole tournament is gone, too. C'est la vie.

The last category seems to be the correct landing spot for the following item from the Syracuse Post-Standard, in which a former Syracuse student named Pat Manley, who created the "Big Boeheim" big-head sign that used to dot the Carrier Dome in years past, laments the fact that Big Boeheim is currently nowhere to be found:

“I haven’t seen too many Big Heads,” [Syracuse fan Pat Manley] said. “It’s kind of disappointing.” [...]

The Big Head fad, as it were, seems to have passed in Syracuse, even though it remains strong (and totally kooky and usually pretty funny) at places like Indiana, where students fill the lower section with random big heads -- Tony Soprano, Kim Kardashian, Jude Law, you name it. But Manley, who lives in D.C. now, seems intent on bringing it back. Or at least tweaking a few Georgetown fans along the way:

Manley made two Big Boeheims, as it turned out. He donated one of them, plus a Big Juli, to the Boeheims’ charity.

“I still have one of the Big Boeheims with me in D.C.,” he said. “The intention is to bring it to a Georgetown game.”

Good luck with that, Mr. Manley. I have a feeling it will go over really well.