La Salle has a special bobblehead for you

For 20 years, Brother Ed Sheehy has been a fixture of the LaSalle men's basketball team. He offers guidance and counsel. He travels with the squad. He leads them in pre-game prayer. Sheehy is even available up to 15 minutes before every game, at LaSalle coach Dr. John Giannini's request, to speak and reflect with players about the concerns and challenges that lie ahead. For the past two decades he has also been a La Salle professor, teaching United States and United States military history. (Which are, I have to say, two of the best subjects you could ever want to teach or learn. I love me some U.S. history, man.)

But La Salle students and alumni will recognize Brother Ed most often from his basketball involvement, his constant, steadying role with the Explorers, who play their college hoops in a private, Catholic setting founded in 1863 by the Institute of the Brothers of Catholic Schools -- an organization originally founded in Rome in the early 1600s by Saint Jean-Baptiste de la Salle. (See, history!) This week, La Salle has decided to celebrate Brother Ed's 20 years of commitment with a rather cool little promotion: the "Bobble Ed."

Yes, on Jan. 21, the first 750 students to arrive at La Salle's home game versus Rhode Island will receive a Brother Ed bobblehead, which rhymes but isn't quite as catchy as La Salle's hashtag-ready concoction of "Bobble Ed." To help make students aware of this historic offering, La Salle forward Ramon Galloway filed the following on-the-scene report:

And he even throws a little rap in at the end, too! Fantastic stuff, Ramon. I'm going to start ending every video I record, at games and at home, with a rhymed couplet. Maybe I'll throw in a haiku.

In any case, according to La Salle "Sheehy is believed to be the first Christian Brother to be honored with a bobblehead." I'd say that's a fair assumption. Which makes "Bobble Ed" night special, not only for Brother Ed, but also the Explorers he counsels and La Salle students at large. It's also a special night for the kind of slightly weird person who dutifully collects bobbleheads. The Bobble Ed would be the crown jewel of any such collection, no? Get 'em while they're hot!