Will UConn compete in '13 Big East tourney?

NEW YORK -- The Big East Conference hasn't decided whether it will include Connecticut in next year's basketball tournament or if the Huskies will have to stay home because of their Academic Progress Rates penalty.

The NCAA has banned the Huskies from the NCAA tournament next year due to its failing APR score, which puts the league in a quandary.

The Big East tournament winner receives the conference's automatic bid, and while this isn't a one-bid league, does the conference want to run the risk of rewarding its trophy to a team that can't continue forward?

Associate commissioner John Paquette said that before deciding what to do about Connecticut, the league has to create a conference-wide policy.

The problem, Paquette explained, is that a policy will have to incorporate all sports and not all sports run their conference postseasons the same way.

In basketball, for example, every team qualifies, but in others, only the top eight make the conference tournament.

The Big East hopes to have both a plan in place and an answer for UConn in the near future.