Hello, College Basketball Nation

Full disclosure: It's entirely possible I have West Coast bias.

Most recently, I covered Mannywood and the Los Angeles Dodgers as a baseball beat writer. My idea of the perfect double-double is one from In-N-Out Burger. Oh, and I can see the Golden Gate Bridge from my house.

So what am I doing here at ESPN.com's new college basketball blog? Searching for new stories to tell.

While those on the East Coast might be snoozing, I'll be tracking games up until the final buzzer of the evening sounds. Hope Hawaii likes to run clock.

But enough about me and my insomnia, which dates back to pulling all-nighters so I could graduate from UCLA while reporting on Ben Howland's Bruins. This blog will be about the characters around college basketball and their passion for the game.

I'll simply be the eyes and ears for all the latest happenings out West.

If a big upset or breaking news occurs, I'll bring you all the analysis and links. If there's a great quote you've got to hear or a tweet you've got to see, don't shoot the messenger, but I'll let you know about it.

That way, you'll never be left without something to bring to the table at the office water cooler or even in study hall. You can count on me for content around the clock.

In Pacific Time, of course.