Mike Rice is basically Spider-Man

I always love the ideas charities and philanthropies come up with for fundraising opportunities. You've got your standard 5k runs, sure, but there are always fun twists. One time, I participated in an event that required me to run as fast as possible up the stairway of these towers. I almost died.

Which is why we have to take a moment and tip our cap to Rutgers coach Mike Rice. Not only did Rice participate in an American Cancer Society event to raise money for cancer research, he did so by -- get this -- rappelling 50 stories, more than 470 feet, down the side of the Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City, N.J. And not only did he do it, he smashed his predicted time of 20 minutes and finished in just nine.

From MyCentralJersey.com's Jerry Carino:

“I would like to say it was exhilarating and cool, but when he told me to put my weight over the edge and sit down in the harness, all I could feel was my heart racing and pumping,” Rice said moments after he touched ground. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, I have to do this.’”

[...] Rice promised to use his feat as motivation for his players.

“Most of them think I’m truly out of my mind and now they’ll have confirmation,” he said with a laugh. “I hope they will understand what it means to give back and to do things that make you uncomfortable.”

The event raised over $250,000 for cancer research, which would be cool even if all Rice had to do was stand around in a ballroom and shake fans' hands for a few hours. Instead, he went all Peter Parker on us. Impressive stuff.