Political consultants watch Indiana practice

When you're ranked No. 1 to begin the season, your practices become an event. Your coaches invite outside dignitaries -- celebrities, NBA players, local media titans -- to view the proceedings. Every now and then, Karl Rove stops by.

Wait ... huh? What was Rove -- former advisor to president George W. Bush, Fox News analyst and the co-founder and advisor to American Crossroads, a Republican Super PAC -- doing at Indiana basketball practice? Was IU coach Tom Crean making a political statement? Was Rove merely a big IU fan? Is that the least expected thing I saw on Twitter all day Wednesday?

The answer to the question is yes, of course. The others is "no." Turns out, Rove was scheduled to debate former Democratic White House press secretary and Obama advisor Robert Gibbs in an event at the IU Auditorium on Indiana's Bloomington campus. Gibbs also attended practice, a point Crean made clear in a tweet later in the day:

So, you know, no political statements here. That's a relief. Instead, Rove and Gibbs came together to watch the Hoosiers get ready for the most important and promising season in recent school history. I suppose you could call that bipartisanship.