The Braggin' Rights game rolls on

One of the least welcome developments we college hoops fans are forced to face this season is the lack of a Missouri-Kansas Border War. Missouri's departure for the SEC left Kansas stung (understandably so, given that realignment almost left Kansas high and dry two years ago), and cooler heads have not since prevailed. It's a shame -- KU and Mizzou faced off in two of the most memorable games of last season, and this year could have been just as good.

Oh well. At least Missouri still has the Braggin' Rights game.

On Thursday, Illinois and Missouri announced the continuation of their annual series through 2017. The series will remain in the same format, at the same location -- St. Louis' Scottrade Center. This doesn't seem like a huge story, but the quiet, simple continuation of a series that has been contested consistently since 1980 is a thoroughly refreshing turn of events. No drama here. Just hoops. What a relief.