3-point shot: Accountability at Marquette

1. Marquette was aware of the pending NCAA legislation that will pin responsibility and penalties on the head coach for any violation within his or her staff. That’s why Golden Eagles athletic director Larry Williams suspended head coach Buzz Williams for the first Big East game of the season even though the violation was pinned on assistant Scott Monarch, who was ultimately fired (for providing transportation for a recruit and not giving honest answers when questioned). A Marquette official said the university was using precedence about head coach accountability (see Jim Calhoun, Donnie Jones and Bruce Pearl). According to the official, the past cases played a role in the decision-making process. The NCAA still hasn’t ruled on the Marquette case and could impose additional penalties.

2. South Florida’s point guard Anthony Collins didn’t play in the scrimmage against Miami over the weekend, but neither did Hurricanes’ power forward Reggie Johnson, according to a source who was at the scrimmage. The Bulls used the scrimmage to evaluate their offensive and defensive schemes. Without Johnson, the source said Durand Scott and guard Trey McKinney Jones were the stars for the ‘Canes. That will continue throughout the season.

3. College of Charleston president George Benson and athletic director Joe Hull are currently negotiating a membership agreement with Colonial Athletic Association representatives after the board voted 12-5 to give them the authority to do so a few weeks ago. The president and AD still have to sign any approved membership agreement. There is no deadline to complete the negotiations and once they are deemed successful then a special meeting of the board will occur. The best-case scenario would be for Charleston to get this done sooner than later so it can move to the CAA for 2013-14. The Southern Conference will let the Cougars play in the conference tournament.