Jim Calhoun to make broadcast debut

I have a date with the radio Friday night.

OK, maybe not an actual radio, per se. I don't own one of those. But I do own a computer, and I will be frantically searching the Internet for a web stream of the UConn Radio Network Friday evening. Why? So I can hear Jim Calhoun call a basketball game.

Yep, it's happening: Per the AP, Calhoun will be sitting in as the honorary color commentator during UConn's season-opening game at Rammstein Air Base in Germany Friday night. Longtime color man Wayne Norman stayed home to provide his services for a UConn football game -- poor choice, Wayne, but to each his own -- which left a vacancy for Calhoun. So is this the start of a new, fulfilling post-basketball career?

School spokesman Mike Enright said there are no plans at this point to have Calhoun broadcast other UConn basketball games. The former coach is still employed by the university as a special assistant to the athletic director.

So really, this was a case of Calhoun being around the program anyway -- he was going to be in Germany no matter what -- and hey, while you're there coach, you maybe want to come on the radio?

Whatever the impetus, I'm going to be tuning in. Calhoun on the radio for an entire game, breaking things down, throwing shots at referees, showcasing his frustration with his former players -- that sounds like appointment listening to me.