It's time for your yearly uniform update

If Uni Watch's Paul Lukas didn't exist, we'd have to invent him.

I've been blogging and writing about sports since 2006, when I was a junior in college, and I can't remember a time when Lukas wasn't the preeminent -- hell, the only -- writer willing to track the minutiae of uniform changes. It's a valuable service. When I was in high school and college, I was obsessed with college basketball replica shorts. Now, few sports conversations with my friends pass without at least one mention of the uniforms on display. And with colleges constantly trying to go full Oregon, Lukas's work has never been more relevant.

All of which is a prelude to link to his Thursday college hoops preseason uniform watch update. There are photos of the uniforms you'll see later today, of course, including that awesome Maryland Brooklyn Dodgers homage and the not-so-awesome head-to-toe camouflage uniforms to be worn by the teams playing on an aircraft carrier or an Air Force base later today. But Lukas also goes way above and beyond, with links to photos of what must be something close to every uniform change in college hoops this season.

I have my favorites. The retro block lettering on the new Georgia Tech jerseys is great, as are Maryland's new general purpose threads. Also, pretty much everything UTEP has going on -- both the retro-retros and the full-time quasi-retros -- are really cool. I've always had a soft spot for DePaul's uniforms, too, and they're going with a similar piping design this season (even if the black lettering is regrettable).

My only lament: I think Michigan would be better off if it ditched any and all modern tweaks on the classic Michigan uniform design. Those classic 1980-90s Wolverines jerseys need to become the permanent brand.

Anyway, go get all caught up. That way, when someone asks what on Earth is with that Adidas bleeding detail look, you'll know it's actually a bunch of tiny little logos! Aww! Look how little they are! Adorable!