O'Neil: Hoyas make believers at Legends

NEW YORK -- They left disappointed. Not coach cliché insincere or this-is-what-you-say-when-you-lose-even-though-you-never-thought-you-might-win disappointed.

No, Georgetown was genuinely disappointed that it lost in overtime to No. 1 Indiana, 82-72.

The people in the locker room might have been the only ones who thought they could upset UCLA and Indiana on back-to-back nights, but the Hoyas truly believed it.

And that should tell you everything you need to know about Georgetown.

Looking for an early-season team to circle as one to watch? A former sleeper about to go viral? Try the Hoyas. They have the perfect combination of hubris and cluelessness -- talented enough to own their bravado, yet too young and blissfully naive to realize they aren't supposed to be doing this just yet.

Tossing a roster of sophomores and freshmen onto a Barclays Center court that sounded an awful lot like Assembly Hall should have been akin to throwing kittens in front of a pack of rabid dogs.

The Hoyas should have wilted, especially when the Hoosiers built an eight-point lead with less than four minutes to play.

Instead they just ho-hummed their way chink by chink into that lead, with Otto Porter eventually sending the game to overtime with a power drive down the right side of the lane.

They either knew they could do it or didn't know that they shouldn't.

Either way it worked.

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