3-point shot: Izzo keeps breaking mold

1. Michigan State coach Tom Izzo doesn’t just play the marquee games anywhere, any place and any time. Izzo once again proves he’s willing to bust the scheduling model for elite programs. The Spartans won at Bowling Green on Tuesday night. That was a two-for-one deal. Michigan State has done this type of arrangement recently with Bradley, Wisconsin-Green Bay and Eastern Michigan. The majority of the elite programs would never play on the home court of schools outside the power six unless forced into it by a bad scheduling situation -- but Izzo seeks out these deals. And that’s why his teams aren’t afraid come March. He doesn't fear any point of the schedule.

2. Notre Dame coach Mike Brey said if the Irish were to get into the ACC as early as the 2013-14 season, the only non-conference scheduling tweak they would need is to avoid Indiana in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, since they are playing the Hoosiers in Indianapolis in a scheduled event. That means the Irish aren’t slated to play any ACC schools in 2013 non-conference games. That would make for a smooth transition if the Irish can get out of the Big East two years early.

3. Big East commissioner Mike Aresco is supposed to give an updated report to the league's remaining athletic directors during the first quarter of 2013 about where the television deal stands for the fall of ’13, according to a source. I’m still not sure how Aresco is selling the conference to the TV partners without knowing who else could be leaving. Could Aresco strike a one-year deal for the Big East before Louisville, Rutgers and the Catholic seven depart (and maybe Notre Dame)? He might have to do something creative with the membership changing dramatically in 2015.