NC State now selling 'Roll Pack' T-shirt

On Monday, we relayed the story of Will Privette, the wheelchair-bound NC State senior who was pushed onto the floor at the start of Wolfpack fans' postgame celebration after Saturday's cathartic win over Duke. It was an incredibly dangerous stunt, when Privette was predictably overrun and knocked from his chair, it could have ended horribly. Instead, with an assist from NC State forward C.J. Leslie, Privette lived to tell the tale -- a tale I can only assume his grandchildren will one day be hearing all about.

Now, NC State is upping the awesome factor. The Wolfpack are already selling a "Roll Pack" T-shirt in their online apparel store (hat tip: CBS), which includes a cheeky stick-figure illustration of a wheelchair being pushed by a fellow fan. "Roll Pack" is the hashtag Privette and his classmates have adopted in the days since he became one of college sports' most famous fans. The T-shirt is just a natural extension.

But don't worry: Privette won't become the latest unpaid undergraduate to be used for profit by an NCAA member institution, at least not totally. According to the sale site, "$2.00 for every shirt sold will go to 'We Connect Now,' a student organization on campus that acts as a support network for NCSU students with disabilities." So the shirt sales will at least partially go to a good cause, and Privette gets to memorialize his self-admittedly dumb but nonetheless awesome decision to put his personal safety at utter risk for the sake of celebrating a win over Duke. Happy endings all around.