Join the CBN Tournament Challenge group

Another year, another NCAA tournament, another wave of bracket madness. Are you ready? Because we are ready.

We are so ready, in fact, so excited, that we don't even mind that you're totally going to embarrass us in repeated fashion for yet another March. Indeed, we have just opened up the 2013 edition of the College Basketball Nation Tournament Challenge to you, the great bracket-picking hive mind, where you can challenge our writers and editors and your humble author with your peerless predictive abilities.

Click here to join.

In a past life -- back before this whole Internet thing really took off -- I would almost feel bad asking you to join yet another bracket group. It takes time and energy. You're a busy person. You have email to answer. I get it. But with the magic of the ESPN.com Tournament Challenge tool, you can simply add your favorite already-completed bracket to our group without lifting a single finger. (OK, OK, maybe one finger. Something has to do the clicking.)

So join the CBN group, come take us on, and earn a year's worth of single-elimination-induced bragging rights over people paid to do this for a living. What could possibly be better than that?