Tournament Challenge: Sweet 16 preview

Of the four brackets to get 15 of the Sweet 16 correct, two had Florida Gulf Coast in the Sweet 16 (one missed Wichita State, the other missed La Salle), two didn't. Interestingly, none of those four brackets is currently in first place, although two of them are tied for third place overall.

Percentage of brackets predicting potential Elite Eight matchups:


Louisville-Duke: 41.1 percent

Louisville-Michigan State: 34.6 percent

Duke-Oregon: 0.8 percent (61,086)

Michigan State-Oregon: 0.6 percent (50,060)


Ohio State-Wichita State: 0.3 percent (26,864)

Ohio State-La Salle: 0.1 percent (6,122)

Arizona-Wichita State: 0.1 percent (5,664)

Arizona-La Salle: 2,224 total


Kansas-Florida: 25 percent

Kansas-FGCU: 3,930 total

Michigan-Florida: 10.7 percent

Michigan-FGCU: 2,418 total


Indiana-Miami: 55.4 percent

Indiana-Marquette: 9.3 percent

Syracuse-Miami: 13.3

Syracuse-Marquette: 2.9 percent

Also, 24.4 percent of brackets still have a shot at getting all of the Final Four correct, including the most popular picks of Louisville, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio State.