Summer shootaround: Big Ten

Catching up on news and notes from the Big Ten offseason while looking ahead to 2013-14 with predictions and analysis.

Here's an excerpt from Eamonn Brennan's five biggest offseason storylines:

1. State of Euphoria: For most of the past 15 years, Michigan and Michigan State have been on diametrical ends of the college hoops spectrum. The timing is almost too perfect, historically speaking: In 1995, Izzo took over at MSU -- just after the Fab Five finished its culturally impactful, but ultimately disappointing, stretch at Michigan -- where he proceeded to notch his first Final Four in 1999 and win a title one season later. He hasn't failed to miss an NCAA tournament since, racking up six total Final Four appearances and seven Big Ten titles in the process. Meanwhile, Michigan spent most of the late 90s and early aughts at the center of a six-year investigation into program booster Ed Martin that included FBI raids, grand jury indictments, forfeiture of a huge chunk of UM's 1990s games, whole cloth redaction of Chris Webber's (and others') entire collegiate existence … and, in its wake, a totally lifeless, forgotten program.

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