Mike Krzyzewski's image change

DURHAM, N.C. -- The situation amuses Duke assistant coach Jeff Capel every time.

Sometimes it's a recruit or their parents, it's even happened with some of his friends. After Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski has interacted with the group and has walked out of earshot, predictable comments follow.

"They'll say, 'He's nothing like I thought he was,'" Capel said.

Mike Krzyzewski is just like you.

He's got 900-plus more wins and two gold medals more than you, but aside from that, he's normal. It's just taken a while for most outside of Durham to acknowledge it.

"That's kind of funny. I guess when you're so extraordinary in your field, people tend to think that you go about things differently," said Jay Bilas, who played for Krzyzewski from 1983 to 1986 and is now an ESPN analyst. "And he doesn't. He's a normal guy in every other way."

Talk to those who know him best, and they'll tell you Krzyzewski's personality hasn't changed much in his 38 years of coaching. What's different is that the public is starting to know his personality, too.

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