Afternoon links: A major in sports?

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  • The Sporting News’ Mike DeCourcy wrote Tuesday about his excellent, common-sense idea that would help relieve the tension between big-budget athletics and the amateurs that make it possible: a major in sports. If dancers can major in dance, why can’t athletes major in athletics? “The sports major would diminish the contention that college athletes are not prepared for their course of study. Of course they are, or they would not be recruited by multiple colleges. It would lighten the load of traditional academic courses assigned to them, which would allow those who arrive with academic challenges to gain more from the basic courses they still would be required to pass. It would, perhaps most important, acknowledge that their practices and performances have genuine academic value, in the same way that an acting class or dance class does. No longer would an athlete’s primary purpose for being on campus be viewed as ancillary to the learning that takes place there — it would be a vital, valuable, intrinsic part of that learning.”

  • “I never thought Hoop Dreams would be shown all over the world. I just thought Chicago people would see it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that people in the U.K. or China would see this. And the way they took to it. I mean, I’ll never forget, I was walking downtown and these two people walk past me and was like, ‘You’re Arthur Agee. I saw your movie.’ " — From The Dissolve’s massive oral history of “Hoop Dreams,” the greatest sports documentary ever made.

  • Our old friend Doug Gottlieb checks in with a good look around the country, and some specifically insightful details about Oregon, Cal, and Washington, at CBS.

  • In a season centered around its freshmen, Syracuse guard Tyler Ennis has surprisingly earned his way into the realm of the elite — something he’s been doing for most of his life, as ESPN’s C.L. Brown covers today.

  • Colorado’s Spencer Dinwiddie left Saturday’s loss to Washington with what looked like an ugly knee injury, but the Buffaloes waited until tests confirmed what everyone who saw Dinwiddie’s fall was forced to assume: He tore his ACL and will miss the rest of the season, ESPN’s Andy Katz reports. Brutal.