Midnight madness in Portland

The first college basketball result of the day? Portland State survived Division III Willamette 97-90 in a game that didn't end until 12:31 a.m. local time.

Tipoff was five hours, 38 minutes late due to a snowstorm and road closures, and according to Jim Beseda of The Oregonian, Willamette's players were so sick of the traffic and six-hour commute that they hopped off the bus and walked nearly a mile to the game.

The game was delayed to start half an hour after the Portland State women's game against Oregon State, but the Beavers were also delayed in arriving.

Portland State coach Tyler Geving really, really, really wanted to play this one to get ready for the Big Sky Conference opener on Saturday against Sacramento State rather than go home and watch infomercials that night.

“There was talk of canceling the game and I said, ‘No way, we need a game,’” he told The Oregonian.