Coach K hates that little stool

Reliant Stadium in Houston is the site of today's Baylor-Duke game -- which you can follow live here -- where the court is raised above the floor in the style of Vanderbilt's Memorial Gym or Purdue's Mackey Arena. Usually, coaches merely stand on the sideline at these elevated courts. At Reliant, the coaches are given a tiny little gym stool. Coach K, as you'll notice, is currently sitting on that stool.

Coach K never looks particularly happy during his team's games, but even by his normal grumpy standard, Krzyzewski just looks like he hates that stool. That suspicion, as Coach K confirmed on Saturday, is correct:

"I didn't like it," Krzyzewski said. "I never got comfortable. I hated it. I felt like I was back in Catholic school and I did something wrong."

So there you go. If you were sitting around watching the Elite Eight and commenting to your friends or significant others or your dog or whomever you watch college basketball with that, man, Coach K sure looks like he hates sitting on that tiny little stool all by himself out there ... he does. Hey, I would too.