Hinkle Fieldhouse getting $10M facelift

Butler's venerable Hinkle Fieldhouse -- the site of Jimmy Chitwood's winning shot in the Hollywood film "Hoosiers" and the actual home court of the Final Four-bound Bulldogs -- will be getting a $10 million facelift in the near future.

According to a report in Thursday's Indianapolis Star, Butler president Bobby Fong and athletics director Barry Collier told a group of boosters on Wednesday that the school hasn't yet started a financial campaign to pay for the costs. But Butler has hired an Indianapolis architecture firm to analyze the costs of the renovation.

The renovations will include moving offices and study halls out of the main concourses, as well as expanding concession stands and restrooms for fans. The project will not affect the building's raised playing court or brick facade.

"I think the people that appreciate tradition and history love it," Butler coach Brad Stevens said earlier this week. "If you're looking for new amenities and flashy things, you know, something that everybody's trying to build to keep up with the Joneses, I think you've got to go somewhere else. The good news is the people that usually decide to visit here or have an interest in Butler usually are the former, they really like the place, they really appreciate it."