Tournament Challenge: Kentucky tops WSU

The eighth-seeded Wildcats outlasted top-seeded Wichita State in the round of 32. AP Photo/Jeff Roberson

Another game, another 5.95 percent of brackets officially busted in ESPN's Tournament Challenge.

Kentucky’s upset of Wichita State was accurately projected in 29.2 percent of brackets. Wichita State was chosen to advance to the Sweet 16 in 65 percent of all brackets and was the third-most popular No. 1 seed chosen by participants to win (Virginia is the lowest at 3.75 percent).

Kentucky is chosen to make the final four in 3.3 percent of brackets and selected to win the entire tournament in 1.12 percent of brackets. The Wildcats will now face Louisville in the next round, a game predicted in 26.5 percent of brackets. Only 22 percent of those who predicted that matchup have Kentucky winning.

After 10 games, only 198 brackets have correctly chosen all 10 teams in the Sweet 16.