Final Four shows importance of now

ARLINGTON, Texas -- We end this tournament with moments, with a montage of them strung together and set to music to wrap up the magic of March. But do we really appreciate the moment? And not the small ones or even the shining ones, but the big one, the moment in time, whether it's one year or four, when these basketball players are college basketball players.

Because they deserve it and so does the game.

This Final Four is a perfect cross-section of what this sport is today. There are guaranteed lottery picks and guaranteed lawyers, some guys who will go directly to the NBA, others who will take the circuitous route but will still get there. There are some who will play overseas and some whose future is in the YMCA rec leagues.

But regardless of what happens next, what's happening now ought to be commended.

This isn't about the merits or demerits of the one-and-done rule. What's one-and-done is done, and anyone who faults a kid for opting for the million-dollar payout over another chemistry class is a hypocrite.

We'd all prefer cash over chemistry. No, this is just about enjoying the moment instead of worrying about what's next.

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