Report: Demetrius Walker to transfer from ASU

Sports Illustrated had Demetrius Walker on its cover at age 14 and asked the question in a 2005 feature story: "The next LeBron?"

Fast forward to today, and the Arizona Republic is reporting that the freshman guard has asked for his scholarship release at Arizona State after playing sparingly down the stretch for the Sun Devils.

The school has yet to officially announce a release for Walker, who averaged 4 points in the 23 games he played.

He'd end up being one of many players in the West looking to transfer. Here are the others:

Arizona: D.J. Shumpert

Cal: D.J. Seeley

Montana State: Austin Brown

San Francisco: Kwame Vaughn

Santa Clara: Troy Alexander

UCLA: J'mison Morgan (dismissed)

UC Riverside: Dwight Gordon

USC: Leonard Washington (reportedly dismissed)

Utah: Carlon Brown, Jordan Cyphers, Matt Read, Chris Hines (reportedly)

Washington State: Xavier Thames, Michael Harthun, Anthony Brown, John Allen