What happens after coaching?

Jud Heathcote left East Lansing, Michigan, after he retired and headed west.

In Spokane, Washington, Heathcote's new home offered solace from the grind he'd embraced since the 1970s, the life he led until he handed over the Michigan State program to Tom Izzo in 1995.

He and his friends played the area's best golf courses for years. They even ventured to Idaho until his leg became too weak for the trips. He played handball and grabbed beers with his buddies until he was 75.

He still meets Gonzaga's Mark Few each month for lunch at Jack and Dan's, formerly owned by John Stockton's father. And the Manito Country Club sits across the street from his home. He gets there when he can.

He's content with his new life.

Although nearly 20 years into retirement, he's still uncertain about it.

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