Top 50 coaches: No. 17 Mark Few

Editor's note: Over the next five weeks, we will reveal the top 50 coaches in college basketball as decided by our ESPN Forecast panel. Today we unveil No. 17: Gonzaga's Mark Few. On Thursday, we release No. 16.

The 2009-10 season, when Butler was one banked-out heave from the most storybook national title maybe ever, was Brad Stevens' third as a head coach. One of the many accomplishments that accompanied that run -- one rightly mentioned far less than "nearly beat Coach K in the national title game" -- was Stevens' overall wins tally. Earlier that season, when Butler beat Siena in the BracketBusters (pour out your liquor now), Stevens tied the record for most wins by a coach in his first three years.

Guess who held the record when Stevens broke it?

If you guessed Mark Few ... well, actually, you get no points, because this article is about Mark Few, so the answer was probably pretty obvious. (If you guessed Mark Few and then-Nevada coach Mark Fox, who tied it in 2007, we'll be more impressed.) Anyway, it's true: Few set that record back in 2002. It stood unbroken for nearly a decade. When it finally was, it took the current coach of the Boston Celtics, nothing less than a once-in-a-generation coaching talent, to do so.

Of course, that's just one of the many mind-blowing statistics about Few's 15-year tenure at Gonzaga.

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