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Thursday, April 15, 2010
Jon Scheyer prankee speaks out

By Eamonn Brennan

In the bowels of Lucas Oil Stadium, there we were. April 5. The assembled media (and this lowly blogger), typing and transcribing and attempting to make sense of Duke's last-second almost-wasn't national title win over Butler when all of a sudden someone speaks across the table and asks if I'd seen Jon Scheyer's Twitter page. Almost immediately after addressing the media, Scheyer had posted "Holler at meeee!" and a phone number on his Twitter page, presumably his own. Oh boy.

The first thought was that it was an accident. Perhaps Scheyer was trying to send a direct message from his cell phone and accidentally posted a public tweet. It happens. Only one thing was for sure: No way Scheyer meant to post his cell phone number in public. This wasn't going to end well.

Turns out, that's exactly what Scheyer meant to do. Why? It wasn't his cell phone number. Instead Scheyer chose the perfect time -- just after a national championship, when people would be most eager to call him and offer congratulations (and various other, um, sentiments) -- to prank his friend and former high school teammate, Zach Kelly.

Asylum Media got a quick interview with Kelly, who attends Washington University in St. Louis, and he seems to have taken the prank in admirable stride:
"Jon and I are good friends, and he's a prankster pulling stuff all the time," Kelly said. Zach and some of his friends were hanging out at a hotel when his phone starting to ring. "From that point on my phone was just inundated with calls and texts from people that I guess follow him on Twitter," Kelly said. "It was anyone from die-hard fans, to people saying congratulations and some University of Maryland fans."

"There was some vulgar stuff, but nothing too crazy," Kelly explained. "People being idiots and thought it was funny to take advantage of it. Regular fan stuff. It was just really annoying for me. For my friends it was funny, but for me it was annoying since I couldn't use my phone for a while since it was so backed up."

So it's settled. The phone number wasn't Scheyer's and the prank was well-received by just about everyone, including Kelly, who, minor annoyance aside, seems to be handling it pretty well. And so the mystery of the Scheyer postgame tweet is solved. Case closed.

Oh, and sorry, Terps fans. You guys probably thought you caught a break there. Not so much.