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Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Kyle Singler has sudden but minor surgery

By Eamonn Brennan

It's especially difficult to come back and work after a long weekend. That goes double for when that weekend involves copious tailgating and football watching as mine did. The brain synapses won't quite fire like they should for at least a few hours this morning. But sometimes a brief piece of news you missed jolts you out of place more than any triple grande white chocolate mocha ever could.

That news this morning came from Durham, N.C., where it was reported late Friday that Duke All-American forward and prospective Naismith favorite Kyle Singler had arthroscopic knee surgery on his left knee at Duke University Medical Center.

That sounds, um, disconcerting. To paraphrase Paul Rudd's character from "The 40 Year-Old Virgin," knee surgery is a mysterious fig, but it never sounds particularly good, especially not when it happens five weeks before Midnight Madness. The good news for the Dukies is that the surgery seems relatively minor. According to a Duke press release, Singler is expected back by the beginning of practice on Oct. 15.
“Kyle had some discomfort in his knee following a very busy summer so we elected to go in and clean it up prior to the start of the season,” said Duke associate head coach Steve Wojciechowski. “By all accounts, today’s surgery was a success and Kyle will be back at full strength before the start of practice.”

Like I said, good news and all that. Singler appears to be OK, and while "arthroscopic knee surgery" sounds bad to medical noobies like me, the truth is that it's a relatively minor procedure to remove damaged tissue -- thanks Google! -- and has a much quicker recovery time than other forms of knee surgery. So no sweat, Duke fans. Breathe deep. The weekend's potential bombshell was overlooked on Friday night for good reason.