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Monday, December 13, 2010
Poll Thoughts: Nice work, coaches!

By Eamonn Brennan

College hoops polls might be inconsequential noise, but that doesn't mean they're not fun to argue about. In that spirit, I present the creatively named "Poll Thoughts," which you can expect every Monday until the season is over, or until the ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll voters stop being so dumb. (In other words, expect it until the season is over.)

I wrote the above preamble in last week's inaugural Poll Thoughts. It might require revision.

Believe it or not, this week's ESPN/USA Today Coaches' Poll is, well, rather difficult to ridicule. In fact, it's downright reasonable. There are none of the usual issues you see in the coaches' poll. There are no big-name teams ranked higher than they belong. Teams with recent head-to-head wins against similarly ranked schools are usually ranked above their vanquished foes. It's hard to find any glaring omissions. All in all, the coaches did a pretty nice job with this one. Way to go, guys. If the logistics of the situation didn't make this impossible, I'd give you all one-armed bro-hugs right now.

Anyway, a few quick assorted (and mostly positive) thoughts on this week's poll: