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Sunday, March 25, 2012
Less than one percent nailed Final Four

By staff

A total of 25,304 brackets, or 0.4 percent of the 6.45 million brackets entered in Tournament Challenge got the entire Final Four correct. That's a far cry from the two brackets to get the entire Final Four correct last year.

Final Four bracket correctness
All four teams
: 0.4 percent
Three teams: 9.3 percent
Two teams: 34.4 percent
One team: 41.3 percent
No teams: 14.6 percent

As for Sunday's results, a whopping 68.3 percent of brackets had Kentucky in the Final Four, while 18.2 percent had Kansas in the Final Four as well, meaning 20.9 percent of brackets got both of Sunday's games correct.

Meanwhile, North Carolina was the second-most popular pick in the game, as 17.9 percent of brackets had the Tar Heels winning the championship (including President Obama) and 40 percent of brackets had them in the Final Four. Also worth noting is that 24.1 percent of brackets had Kentucky facing North Carolina for the national title.

There are 11 brackets tied for the lead heading into the Final Four with 1,140 points. Six of the brackets have Kentucky winning, three have Ohio State, two have Kansas. (Note: The winner of the grand prize isn't necessarily the entry with the most points at the end of the tournament, but rather a drawing of entries that score in the top 1 percent of the game.)

President Obama's bracket
While the president did get Kentucky in the Final Four, his bracket was busted when his national championship pick North Carolina lost to Kansas. Overall, he got two Final Four teams (Kentucky, Ohio State) and a team in the national title game still alive (Kentucky). He has 860 points, ranked in the 96.1 percentile overall, but can only get 160 more points from Kentucky reaching the national title game.

Brackets picking national champion:
: 35.1 percent
Kansas: 6.2 percent
Ohio State: 4.8 percent
Louisville: 0.8 percent

Brackets picking teams to reach the national title game:
: 52 percent
Kansas: 18.2 percent
Ohio State: 12.2 percent
Louisville: 1.8 percent

Brackets picking these potential national title matchups:
: 9.8 percent
Kentucky/Ohio State: 6.1 percent
Louisville/Kansas: 0.3 percent (17,041 brackets)
Louisville/Ohio State: 0.2 percent (15,370 brackets)

Notable brackets (Total points, percentile; Final Four teams remaining; National champion pick)
President Obama: (860; 96.1; 2; North Carolina)
Jay Bilas: (780; 83.8; 2; Kentucky)
Andy Katz: (700; 59.9; 2; Kentucky)
Dick Vitale: (530; 14.3; 1; Kentucky)
Doug Gottlieb: (770; 81.3; 2; North Carolina)
Mike Greenberg: (620; 34.5; 1; North Carolina)
Mike Golic: (860; 96.1; 2; Kentucky)
Colin Cowherd: (780; 83.8; 2; Kentucky)
Michelle Beadle: (460; 6.3; 0; Baylor)
Michael Wilbon: (680; 53.4; 1; Kentucky)
Tony Kornheiser: (770; 81.3; 2; North Carolina)
Scott Van Pelt: (810; 89.8; 2; Kentucky)
LeBron James: (680; 53.4; 2; Kentucky)
Chalk bracket (picking all higher seeds): (720; 67.3; 1; Kentucky)
America's bracket: (780; 83.8; 2; Kentucky)