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Sunday, March 17, 2013
Tournament Challenge: Early trends

By Stats & Information

Last year, there were 6.45 million brackets entered in's Tournament Challenge game. As of 9:50 p.m. Sunday, there were more than 693,000 brackets already entered.

Here are some of the early trends gleaned from the brackets already in. Obviously, many of these numbers could change a lot by Thursday.

Louisville, the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament, is not surprisingly the most popular pick to win it all, with 19.9 percent of brackets. Indiana is the second most popular championship pick at 16.3 percent. Interestingly, No. 2 seed Miami is third at 11.8 percent.

Top picks to win it all:
1. Louisville: 19.9 percent
2. Indiana: 16.3 percent
3. Miami: 11.8 percent
4. Kansas: 8.7 percent
5. Duke: 8.6 percent
6. Ohio State: 5.9 percent
7. Gonzaga: 5.6 percent
8. Georgetown: 3.9 percent
9. Michigan: 3.3 percent
10. Michigan State: 3 percent
11. Florida: 2.5 percent
12. Syracuse: 1.8 percent
(No other team with more than 1 percent)

It is also worth noting that every team has been picked to win the championship, although New Mexico State has gotten the fewest picks to win it all so far.

An interesting development is that Ohio State, the No. 2 seed in the West region, is the most popular pick to reach the Final Four of its region over the No. 1 seed Gonzaga (39.9 percent vs. 26.9 percent). In every other region, the No. 1 seed is the most picked team to reach the Final Four.

Most popular Final Four picks:
1. Louisville: 49.7 percent
2. Indiana: 42.1 percent
3. Ohio State: 39.9 percent
4. Miami: 38.7 percent
5. Kansas: 33.9 percent
6. Gonzaga: 26.8 percent
7. Georgetown: 26.4 percent
8. Duke: 25.0 percent
9. Michigan State: 15.7 percent
10. Florida: 14.9 percent
11. Michigan: 14.9 percent
12. New Mexico: 11.3 percent
13. Wisconsin: 10.3 percent
14. Syracuse: 8.7 percent
(No other team over 4 percent)

The only "upset" pick in the Round of 64 has 9-seed Missouri over 8-seed Colorado State (66.6 percent of all brackets). However, the closest Round of 64 game right now is 6-seed UCLA over 11-seed Minnesota (52.8 percent for the Bruins).