Emmert to take on one-and-done rule

Newly appointed NCAA president Mark Emmert did not waste much time in voicing his concerns about the one-and-done rule and said in an interview with USA Today that he intends to address the matter.

"I think it creates difficult problems inside universities when we're trying to promote an emphasis on (players being) students as well as athletes," he said Wednesday. "It certainly creates a challenge for individual programs."

At some point, he said, he'll take up the issue with (David) Stern, the NBA's commissioner, just as the late Myles Brand did during his tenure as NCAA president.


"I have not obviously talked with the heads of any of the professional sports," said Emmert, president of the University of Washington since 2004 and chancellor at LSU for five years before that. "But the impact of their policies and rules on intercollegiate sports is significant, and I intend to build relationships with those people to see how we can work together to mutual advantage if we can do that. The one-and-done rule would just be another example of things we could work on."

Emmert added that he would speak with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who in January called the idea that one-and-done players are true student-athletes "intellectually dishonest" and "a farce."

This all could be just talk, of course, but it is notable that the talk is coming from the very top of the NCAA and the government.