Searching for Billy Edelin finds Billy Edelin

Avid readers of the college hoops blogosphere probably know of SB Nation college hoops blog Searching For Billy Edelin. It's a solid, whimsical hoops site with as good a name as a blog can have. In fact, many avid college hoops may not even get the name.

Edelin, a talented prospect from Oak Hill Academy, joined Syracuse in 2001-02. He missed that season, his freshman year, after two female students accused him of rape and sexual harassment. He was cleared of those allegations but found himself in trouble again in 2002-03 -- the year Syracuse won the national title, mind you -- for playing in an unsanctioned summer hoops league. Edelin's entire career was plagued by such incidents, and in 2005 he left Syracuse. Where did he go? What was he doing? The Internet was no help, and Edelin's existence seemed reduced to a piece of trivia.

So Nick Fasulo started his Web site with the funny name. The search didn't go anywhere for years, until recently, when Fasulo received an email from Edelin's father saying he could make a meeting happen.

Turns out, Edelin is in the Syracuse area working with kids at a local community center, and he was willing to grant Fasulo the second interview he's given since he left the Orange in 2005. In a post titled "Finding Billy Edelin," Fasulo details the discussion the two had. He even got a photo. First things first, though: What did Edelin think of the site? From Nick:

Immediately I felt like a putz. Here is this real person, and three years ago I thought it would be funny to name a blog after him. But he, like, exists and has a life. He's nice, normal, and wouldn't hurt a fly. Man I am pathetic. The joke, if there ever was one, was up. I had to get the most awkward yet obvious question out of the way.

"So, um, when did you first hear about Searching for Billy Edelin, and what did you think about it," I stuttered while giving the ‘you don't think it's that weird, right?' look.

"Ha nah people always ask me about it, saying they were surfing on the Internet and found this website, asking if I've seen it," he said. "They act like I am supposed to get mad over it, but it didn't really bother me that much."

It's a very cool story, and not just because Fasulo fulfilled the mission of his quirkily named sports blog. Edelin's rough and tumble career with the Orange seems to have led him to a very good -- and very admirable -- place in the Syracuse community. Give it a read.

My only question: Will Nick change the name of his site? An eager nation awaits the next search.