College Basketball Nation: Cedrick McAfee

Cedrick McAfee attempts to bounce back

August, 1, 2012
Cedrick McAfee, part of Auburn’s strong 2011 recruiting class, had high hopes for his freshman season under Tony Barbee, but an early-season injury resulted in a medical redshirt, which was followed by a dismissal for a “violation of team rules.”

Now McAfee wants to find a new opportunity to continue his college education and play ball.

Coming out of Memphis powerhouse Melrose High School, the 6-foot-3, prolific-scoring shooting guard with a quick trigger and deep range, had been pursued by schools like Arkansas, Baylor, Florida International and Memphis before choosing to sign with Auburn.

Sometimes a new beginning can breathe life into a player’s career. McAfee is currently evaluating his options and says he hopes a fresh start will help him get back on track to reaching his goal of graduating from college and playing professionally.

McAfee’s summer coach, William Rhodes, said he has fielded calls from a number of schools, noting that McAfee still has a lot to offer a basketball program:

“Cedrick undoubtedly has tremendous talent and a keen desire to succeed on and off the court,” Rhodes said. “He's bigger, stronger and faster than before. Any team that gets him will be getting a player that can step in right away.”

Schools with an available scholarship looking to add some scoring punch will definitely be inquiring to gauge McAfee’s interest. He understands that being dismissed from Auburn’s program may hurt his perception with college coaches hesitant to add a player with apparent baggage, but he hopes that coaches will investigate his situation thoroughly before making a final judgment.

If McAfee handles the transition the right way, stays focused and chooses a school that is the right fit, he could end up fulfilling those high hopes after all.

FIU commit ends up choosing Auburn

October, 4, 2010
Florida International coach Isiah Thomas got some very exciting, and then some very disappointing news in the matter of 24 hours. And both pieces of news came from the same recruit.

Cedrick McAfee, the No. 59-ranked player in the class of 2011, told Thomas that he would be coming to FIU after Thomas met McAfee in a face-to-face visit at McAfee's home in Memphis. Then, a day later, McAfee told Thomas he jumped the gun. Instead, he'd re-open his commitment and make his other scheduled recruiting visits to Auburn (this past weekend) and Baylor (later this month).

Now? McAfee appears to have spurned FIU for good, according to Gary Parrish. The guard committed to Auburn coach Tony Barbee this weekend and, barring another quick change of his decision, appears set to attend Auburn.

That has to be doubly disappointing for Thomas, because McAfee would have been the best player he's recruited to FIU since his arrival at the school two years ago. Thomas has been in on a handful of high-profile guys -- he notably went after eventual Cincinnati recruit Lance Stephenson when it became clear the hesitancy of other schools gave FIU a legitimate chance -- but he's failed to land many of them. Like any other coach, Thomas' goal isn't just to compete for recruits. He needs to land them. Having McAfee, only to watch him rescind his commitment and quickly end up elsewhere, has to feel like the ultimate tease.