You can buy Colorado's basketball court

I'm not sure you would, exactly, because what average person has the space in his or her domicile for an entire used basketball floor? It just isn't very practical.

But just in case you are looking for an actual game-used college basketball court -- maybe you're a big Buffs enthusiast, or maybe you want to start a local gym, or maybe there are some other use cases I'm not thinking of right now -- Colorado is indeed auctioning off its 16-year-old court through Higher Education Surplus at the remarkably reasonable reserve price of $5,000. The bid could may well go higher, but that's where it has stood since the auction opened on Friday.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports that Colorado can't simply give the floor away to a local high school, as it might prefer to do, because doing so would be a violation of NCAA rules. So it is hoping a junior college or some other similar entity will be willing to "remove, load and transport" the flooring, surely no easy task in and of itself.

So what will happen to it? If I was Colorado, I'd be calling up star alum Chauncey Billups and seeing if he needs a custom-made CU court in his private workout facility, or, failing that, if he'd like to get started building his private workout facility in the first place. (Come on, Chauncey: All the cool NBA players are doing it!) There's got to be someone out there who a) has the space and b) wants a 16-year-old basketball court. Anyone? Bueller?