Stunned Bulldogs proved they belong

INDIANAPOLIS -- They piled into the golf cart that would take them to their postgame interviews -- Avery Jukes in the shotgun seat, Shelvin Mack and Gordon Hayward side-by-side on the rear-facing backseat.

No one cried or even so much as dabbed at his eyes. Jukes held his chin in his hand, Mack put his head down and Hayward just stared vacantly ahead.

Of course the Butler players were crushed that they had just lost a national championship game for the ages to Duke, 61-59, but more, the Bulldogs were stunned.

Stunned that Hayward's fadeaway on the baseline didn't fall, stunned that his last-ditch half-court shot bounced off the backboard and front of the rim, but most of all stunned that they didn't win.

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