Marshon Brooks is really MarShon Brooks

And to think we had to wait until his college career was over to finally begin spelling his name correctly. Figures, right?

This is a weird little story from the Providence Journal, where even Kevin McNamara, one of the hoops writers out there, didn't know former Providence guard and 25th overall pick Marshon Brooks' name was actually supposed to be spelled MarShon.

Why is the unconventionally spelled name just now coming to light? Because the NBA has insisted on spelling the name correctly, and as Brooks' mother confirmed to McNamara, that is in fact the correct way to do so:

According to Brooks' mother, Darlyn, "MarShon is spelled with a capital `S' and is spelled that way on his birth certificate. He chose not to write his name this way when he got older for some reason."

What could that reason be? "Maybe he didn't want his name to be mispronounced as martian...LOL!," Daryln Brooks wrote in a short email.

It's a little like when I told my friends -- after years of pronouncing my name incorrectly -- that the traditional pronunciation sounds like "Ay-man," not "E-man." They felt downright betrayed, and I still go by "E-man" most of the time. Frankly, I just don't care that much. I don't feel like explaining it all that often. I think Marshon -- excuse me, MarShon -- can feel my pain. And vice versa.