Penn State's most popular fan? Flavor Flav

The beauty of Flavor Flav is that he’s actually more of a concept than a rapper. We didn’t really know his purpose in Public Enemy, but we left him alone because he was Chuck D’s homeboy.

The giant clocks, the random "Booyyy!!!" chants, the certified hype man title. He was Flavor Flav and we loved those clocks. So it was OK.

He’s made an entire career off whacky, random acts: odd appearances, reality TV shows, roasts.

His latest endeavor? More TV time as a spectator at Saturday’s Purdue-Penn State matchup in State College, Pa.

Um, why is Flavor Flav in State College, Pennsylvania? That’s the real question. Well, Flavor Flav got a little feisty with ESPN.com editor Brett Edgerton in a response to that inquiry.

OK. Makes sense now. So Flavor Flav is somewhere in Pennsylvania to support a family member. Questions, however, remain. Why does he refuse to wear clothes that fit? How’s Terminator X these days? You all keep in touch? And then there’s this ...

This matters, America.