Nick Saban clears the air on what really happened with Texas


The New York Times recently released an excerpt from an upcoming unauthorized biography on Nick Saban that details the coach’s flirtation with the Texas job a few years back and the conversations that took place between his agent, Jimmy Sexton, and the university.

Saban was not quoted in the excerpt, so he decided to share his side of the story Tuesday at a booster club event in Pensacola, Florida.

"I have an agent, which most coaches have, and when somebody is interested in you, they call your agent, which they did," Saban told the crowd. "The agent calls you, and you tell the agent 'I'm interested' or 'I'm not interested.' So (Sexton) called me about 15 times about Texas, and every time he called I said I'm not interested in talking to them, and I never will be. That's the story. He did his job, I did my job."

The rumors of Saban leaving Alabama for Texas came to an end when he signed a contract extension with the Crimson Tide in December 2013.

You can read more of Saban’s comments from Tuesday at the Tuscaloosa News.