Florida State jabs Gators with Valentine's Day tweet

The Florida State football Twitter account offered a template to introduce a little animus into Seminoles fans’ relationships on a day most celebrate love.

On Valentine’s Day, the Seminoles’ football account created a card FSU fans could give to fans of rival Florida. While the card’s prose offered little originality, it likely struck a nerve of some Gators fans, stoking at any remaining raw emotions from the Seminoles’ 27-2 win at Florida this past fall.

You'll note that tweet was stamped at 1:33 p.m. -- 27 minutes to 2 -- to provide an additional shrouded slight.

Since the start of the season, Florida State’s account has not been shy about trolling its rivals and their supporters. Following the Florida game, the account asked Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio for his thoughts on the result. In September, Rubio, a Florida graduate and fan, said Florida State exists for students that Florida denied.

Maybe it says more about Florida State that Florida is on its mind on Valentine’s Day, though. It comes off a little bitter, maybe because the Gators hold the series edge over the Seminoles (though Florida State has dominated as of late)?

Florida football’s account has yet to respond, possibly suggesting it has better things to do on Valentine’s Day. However, this likely won’t be the last time Florida State reminds its rival of their most recent meeting before reconvening again on Nov. 26.