Miami wants to (sort of) hear from Florida State fans


Miami wants to hear your thoughts, Florida State fans. The school even created a website for trash-talking Seminoles fans to release their pent-up vitriol during the week of the rivalry game.

The Miami athletic department’s official Twitter account was so overcome with messages from Florida State fans it set up UnsolicitedFSUFanComments.com. The website came to be as an alternative outlet for FSU fans who were flooding Miami’s Twitter mentions.

The site is pretty simple, with a white, cloudy vortex and a space for visitors to write some discouraging words for the Hurricanes -- “hot takes,” as Miami’s website calls them. Once ready, there is a send button to click on.

At that point, the message gets sucked into the vortex and there’s an ear-splitting scream. The website then thanks you for “keeping that off Twitter. Go Canes!”

It’s a pretty creative idea from Miami. As of Wednesday afternoon, Miami controls the lead-up to the game, 1-0. During the last five years on the field, however, the Seminoles are 5-0 and outscoring the Canes 172-96.