Q&A: Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher is intrigued by his 2015 team's chemistry, as he's received good reports all summer. Joe Faraoni / ESPN Images

Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher sat down for a wide-ranging interview during his stop at the ESPN ACC car wash. Here is a little of what he had to say:

What are you expecting out of Everett Golson when practice starts?

JF: I’m anxious to see that. I’m not putting anything out there. I’m anxious to see. I’ve heard Sean [Maguire] is having a good summer, [Golson] is having a good summer. The two young guys are doing well.

How will you evaluate Golson when Maguire will have much more knowledge of the offense?

JF: You call the game different for every player. I called it differently for Sean and Jameis [Winston]. I called it differently for [Christian] Ponder and EJ [Manuel]. You go to their strengths and what they can do. We have enough talent around them to not worry about it. I feel very comfortable. From what I understand, [Golson] has got a real good grasp of it, but we’ll find out when camp starts. The nuances are what’s going to be interesting, the little details.

Who is going to be your go-to receiver the way Rashad Greene was?

JF: Travis [Rudolph] is going to be very good. He’s really a big-time player. Rudolph, Ermon [Lane] can be there. Still got Kermit [Whitfield], who can do some special things. Bobo [Wilson] had a good spring. That freshman group is scary good. We’re probably deeper there than we’ve ever been. Now they’ve got to take it to the field.

How many of those freshmen do you anticipate playing?

JF: I wouldn’t be shocked to see most or all. Some of those guys, two or three of them – guys are falling in love with them. Jalen [Ramsey] is bragging about all the corners. Jalen doesn't brag on anybody. He got me excited because I know how he is. He’s worse than I am. Nobody’s as good as he is, which is good, but I said, 'Are you sick? Do I need to get you a doctor or something?' He said, 'No, coach, I’m telling you these guys are good.' OK, we’ll find out.

Where is the strength of your team?

JF: Right now, it’s chemistry. Our strength coaches said the guys are very businesslike, very energetic. They hang with each other, they run with each other, they help each other. It’s a very high-chemistry group. You wonder about young guys fighting for positions, but Jalen said the same thing.

Is that different than most years?

JF: I think for a group that young, it usually is. Chemistry usually comes over time and cohesion. It’s got me intrigued. I’m excited this year as much as I have been, I guess because of some of the unknown but also the potential. That’s our key – can we take talented players and turn them into good football players?

There's so much uncertainty with your team right now. When was the last time you had so many unknowns?

JF: Maybe going into '12 it was like that a little bit. Coming into '13 it wasn’t quite this way, but it wasn’t far from it, really. [Kelvin Benjamin] wasn’t KB, our best player that year coming into the season was Greg Dent, would have been a first-round draft pick. We had to dismiss him. Then you had Rashad [Greene]. You had [Devonta] Freeman; he’d been good but he hadn’t been great. Nick [O'Leary] was solid. On the offensive line, we were moving Cam [Erving] and all those guys, so I would say this one’s a little younger, but more similar to that.

You played Clemson in September last year and have the game in November this year. Do you have a preference?

JF: I wish they’d get a certain date and play the same every year with a game of that magnitude. Every other league does it that way. Our Miami and Clemson games, like the Florida game, those ought to be set in stone. That’s six one way, half dozen the other. But I do think that will help us with rivalries and branding our league. I’ve brought it up quite a few times, but we’ll see.