Columnist: Florida State should celebrate the No. 29


Is it time to honor another number with a distinguished place inside Florida State’s Doak Campbell Stadium?

Tallahassee Democrat columnist Corey Clark believes the No. 29 ought to be celebrated at Florida State as long as the Seminoles field a team. The No. 29 signifies the winning streak that began in 2012 and ended in 2015 with a Rose Bowl loss and the three-year modern-era draft record the Seminoles set last week with 29 draft picks from 2013-15.

“I'm not sure which accomplishment is more impressive, to be honest with you. But they both need to be recognized. That's a no-brainer,” Clark writes. “Luckily, Florida State will be able to save some money because it will just be adding one number to celebrate two incredible achievements.

“But make no mistake. That number needs to be there.”

It’s an interesting idea, and colleges have never been shy about touting their winning history, even the most dubious achievements (looking at you, Alabama and Auburn, for your recognized championships, and you too, Kansas, for once listing the spring game as a win for Charlie Weis.)

Clark suggests the No. 29 will be associated with the dominant run more so than Jameis Winston’s No. 5. That might be pushing it a little -- you think of Tim Tebow’s No. 15 when you think of Florida’s run -- as Winston was the catalyst for the national title in 2013 and many of the comeback wins in 2014. He was also one of college football’s most polarizing players for his on-field ability and off-field controversies.

One would believe at some point in the very near future, Clark will be right in that the No. 29 will be recognized and displayed prominently. Whether it is in Doak Campbell Stadium or the football complex remains to be seen. It’s one of the longer winning streaks in college football history, and it is a major selling point for blue-chip recruits considering Florida State.