Jimbo Fisher's reputation with QBs is unrivaled in the ACC


ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit has called the 2015 season the year of the question mark at the quarterback position. Of the AP Top 25 programs, 13 are projected to start a new quarterback this season, including six of the top 10. As many as six top-25 teams will start a quarterback who transferred into the program.

How important is experience at the position? After all, five of the past six national championship teams were led by first-year starting quarterbacks, and Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel and Florida State's Jameis Winston each won a Heisman Trophy as redshirt freshman quarterbacks.

Amid this uncertainty, ACC reporter Matt Fortuna and ACC recruiting analyst Gerry Hamilton set out to evaluate the strength of each ACC program at the quarterback position set out over a three-year period (2015-17), taking into account current depth charts and developments on the recruiting trail in the 2016 and 2017 classes.

Below is Florida State's evaluation. For the full rankings, click here.