SEC players think stipends are nice but not difference-makers


The hotly contested (more like, overblown) discussion around cost of attendance had coaches and athletic directors talking in all sorts of different directions during the offseason. Some are concerned that schools able to pay players higher stipends will be able to use that as a recruiting advantage (like there aren't already myriad recruiting advantages for football powers), while others worried about possible corruption when it comes to official monetary numbers.

Some just didn't care.

But what do the players actually think of all this? How do the people who actually matter when it comes to cost of attendance really feel about the extra money they'll have?

“I’m probably gonna buy food,” Georgia linebacker Jordan Jenkins said. “Maybe save it all up if I have any emergency situations. Maybe actually, finally be able to buy a nice pair of clothes instead of just going to school with what I had, and waiting till holidays to get new clothes and outfits.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution surveyed a few SEC players at SEC media days to get their thoughts on the matter of cost of attendance. Guys gave some pretty interesting answers, which made me think even more that the entire COA discussion has been really blown out of proportion.

To read more about what SEC players had to say about COA, check out the AJC.