Ohio State adds fire to Michigan rivalry with new hydrant


There is no offseason in the rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan. The two Big Ten foes find ways to poke one another throughout the year, and the most recent jab belongs to Ohio State.

The folks at Ohio State blog Eleven Warriors discovered a special Michigan addition to Ohio State's new College of Veterinary Medicine renovation. The dog-walking area is complete with a maize-and-blue fire hydrant that is more likely to serve as a public restroom for injured dogs than ever put out any actual fires.


Michigan is usually referred to simply as "That Team Up North" on the athletic end of Ohio State's campus, but we're guessing that Urban Meyer and company won't mind the Block M showing up in this case. Michigan has remained close-lipped about the rivalry since Jim Harbaugh's staff arrived in January. No scarlet and gray restrooms, for dogs or humans, have been spotted around the Michigan campus ... yet.