AccuWeather Top 25 forecast: Icy weather for Bedlam


After sloppy conditions hampered Baylor-TCU, more bad weather is coming to Big 12 country.

For No. 3 Oklahoma at No. 11 Oklahoma State, the day will be icy, damp and cold. According to Accuweather, light-to-moderate rain and freezing rain is likely for the broadcast of "College GameDay" right on into the evening during the game. Though there might be a few breaks in the rainfall during the day and during the game, it will more or less be a steady rainfall through most of the day and the game. Since it will be a cold rain, in addition to appropriate rain gear, spectators will need warm coats and other winter clothing. Temperatures in the morning will be in the lower 30s with AccuWeather RealFeel temperatures in the lower to middle 20s. This will cause some rain to freeze on surfaces, creating icy conditions. Temperatures should climb above freezing by noon, allowing the ice threat to diminish. By the late afternoon and evening hours, temperatures will fall to near 32 once again and hover near the freezing mark throughout the game. With temperatures near 32, the rain could freeze on some surfaces in and around the Stillwater area. This is especially true on bridges and overpasses, so traveling to and from the game could be impacted by the potential for icy areas on roads. Those coming to the game from the north and northwest of Stillwater have the greatest chance to be impacted by icy roadways and freezing rain as they travel.

The wet and cold conditions will also make it much more difficult to handle the football cleanly on handoffs and receptions. Gaining footing and traction on the wet field (Astroturf) will be a challenge as well. Winds will be out of the north at 7-14 mph during the game.

Here is the rest of the AccuWeather Top 25 forecast:

No. 8 Ohio State at No. 10 Michigan, noon ET

Today will be a chilly day in Ann Arbor with clouds giving way to sun during the afternoon. Pregame activities and tailgating will be cold (likely in the middle 30s) rising to a kickoff temperature of 38 degrees. The sun should come out by the second half, with a high of 42 degrees during the game. Winds will be out of the north at 6-12 mph and will not have an impact on playing conditions. This flow blows from the north end zone to the south end zone.

Colorado at No. 23 Utah, 2:30 ET

It will be a chilly, cloudy day in Salt Lake City with temperatures in the 20s much of the day. Pregame temperatures will be cold, in the middle 20s, rising to a kickoff temperature of 28 degrees, so a winter jacket will be needed. Temperatures during the game will rise to a high of only 30 degrees. Throughout the day, there will be periodic flurries, but they will not accumulate. Winds will be out of the west-southwest at 4-8 mph and will not impact play.

Penn State at No. 5 Michigan State, 3:30 ET

Today will be a chilly day in East Lansing with clouds giving way to sun during the afternoon by game time. Pregame activities will be cold in the 30s, rising to a kickoff temperature of 40. Winds will be out of the north at 7-14 mph and will not have an impact on playing conditions.

No. 16 Northwestern at Illinois (at Soldier Field), 3:30 ET

It will be a mostly cloudy, brisk and chilly afternoon at Soldier Field. The kickoff temperature will be 39 degrees and then fall to 36 by the end of the game. Fans will certainly need typical late-November clothing to bundle up and stay warm with AccuWeather RealFeel temperatures hovering in the upper 20s by the second half. The wind will be from the northeast at 10-18 mph throughout the game. This will act as a headwind when the teams are driving toward the northern end zone. For fans tailgating prior to the game, it will be breezy and cold under a mostly cloudy sky with an 8 a.m. (local time) temperature of 35 rising to 39 by 1 p.m.