Big 12 mailbag: Backup QBs, Texas Tech running game, Baylor scheduling


In today's Big 12 Twitter mailbag, we discuss burritos, tacos, backup quarterbacks and what might have happened had the Big 12 implemented a conference network before realignment shook up the conference.

On to the 'bag:

Trotter: The answer would probably be Baylor. Losing Trevone Boykin would cripple TCU's offense. Quarterback is already a question for Baylor with Seth Russell being a new starter, and the Bears are still justifiably going to get first-place votes in the Big 12's preseason poll. Oklahoma State would be positioned well, too. The Cowboys would still have J.W. Walsh. They'd have to tailor the offense to his skill set. But he's actually one of the most experienced quarterbacks in the league, and has played in several big games.

Trotter: Not really. Art Briles even said earlier this week that Baylor's nonconference slate had "zero effect" on the Bears getting left out of the playoff. For the record, I actually don't completely disagree with him. Ohio State beating Wisconsin 59-0 could have trumped anything Baylor might have done in the nonconference short of defeating another top-15 opponent. That said, Baylor's weak scheduling puts it at a severe disadvantage against other potential playoff contenders. I'm not sure what the Bears have to fear, either. They would probably destroy a lot of the midlevel Power 5 programs out there that they could add to the schedule.

Trotter: Depends whom you ask. Texas doesn't seem to have any regret about the way things shook out. Oklahoma also seems content with its media rights deal. But the Big 12 should have listened to Kevin Weiberg, who tried to sell the idea of a Big 12 network that would have distributed revenue equitably. Weiberg got frustrated, left and helped launched the Big Ten Network, which has obviously been a success. Given all the mistrust that ensued over individual media deals, it's reasonable to assume that a centralized network would have bonded the conference together, and ultimately kept Nebraska, Texas A&M and Missouri as part of the league.

Trotter: He threw two interceptions in the spring game, but I still consider Baker Mayfield the favorite. He's a better fit for the offense OU is installing under Lincoln Riley, and I think, based on how Trevor Knight and Cody Thomas fared last year, the Sooners want to give Mayfield a shot to see what he can do. With better quarterback play, OU could emerge into a fringe contender. But even then, on paper, I think there's a pretty sizable gap between OU and the Big 12 co-favorites, TCU and Baylor.

Trotter: What would it take? Dalvin Warmack to be the second coming of Darren Sproles, and Alex Delton to be Ell Roberson 2.0. K-State has some really good young prospects on its roster. But given all the production it graduated from last year's team (Jake Waters, Tyler Lockett, Curry Sexton, B.J. Finney, Ryan Mueller, Jonathan Truman) it's far more likely that K-State endures a rebuilding season than it contends for the conference title again.

Trotter: Torchy's is one of my favorite stops when on the road in Texas. I always get three different tacos, so I've tried almost everything on the menu. My favorite is the Brushfire, which delivers the right amount of heat.

Trotter: I'm ready when Mike Stoops is. He just has to agree to call the exact same mindless scheme he did on that opening third quarter drive against Baylor. If he's going to blitz Eric Striker, the deal is off.

Trotter: Freebirds, by a decided margin. When I worked at the Austin American-Statesman back in the day, they had a Freebirds across the street. Became a fan then, especially of the grilled jalapeños.

Trotter: Perhaps a little. Tech did still throw the ball 56 times with a true freshman quarterback in the finale against Baylor. The scheme is the scheme. But the Tech running game is going to be effective when it is utilized in 2015. DeAndre Washington is one of the most explosive running backs in the league. And Tech claims one of the Big 12's most experienced offensive lines, headlined by All-Big 12 left tackle Le'Raven Clark. This has a chance to be the best running game that Tech has had in the air raid era.