Jay Norvell on Oklahoma's receiver class


Wide receivers coach Jay Norvell weighs in on Oklahoma’s receiver signing class:

Durron Neal: “One of my favorite kids I’ve ever recruited. This kid absolutely loves Oklahoma, can tell you everything about the history. He wants to be great. His highlights are off the charts. Played running back, receiver, return man, corner, Wildcat guy. Incredibly explosive, tough, competitor. Will be a tremendous leader for us as well as a great player.”

Sterling Shepard: “Just a great versatile player. Great ball skills. Excellent return man. Super open field runner. Some guys when you watch their highlights, you can see their heart and soul pumping out of them. The kind of guy that really flourishes in our offense because we’ll find ways to get him the football.”

Derrick Woods: “This kid is so hungry to come to Oklahoma. Absolutely loves the Sooners. S.C. made a late charge on him, but he loves Oklahoma. He can play anything on the field, running back, quarterback, a great defensive player as well. Those guys find ways to make plays for you.”

Courtney Gardner: “It’s hard to find guys that big and that fast and that natural. He’s natural. I told Bob, I just said, this kid has never been trained, he never worked out before, he never lifted weights, he’s just a raw athlete and he’s very competitive and he’s very natural. It’s hard to find a big guy like that with soft hands and he has them. It’s hard to find a big guy like that, that is that agile and has that type of body control. He can make the little move to make people miss. The way he weaves back and forth across the field, that just doesn’t happen for a big guy. He’s rare and he’s a pretty special cat and he’s so humble and he has the biggest smile on his face you ever want to see and he’s just so happy to be at Oklahoma. That’s why we’re so high on him.”

Trey Metoyer: “Trey had to go through a lot of stuff to get here. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever been to Chatham, Virginia. There ain’t a whole lot there. He had a dorm bed and a uniform and that’s about all he had. His classes were all on the first floor and he lived on the third floor. There wasn’t a whole lot else going on but school and pushups and a little bit of football as a monotony breaker. It was a great learning experience."

• On the class as a whole: "We don't recruit guys to redshirt. Everyone of these guys has a chance to help us next year."