Bob Stoops: Regular season matters

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops would hate to see the college football bowl system become a thing of the past, even with a playoff on the horizon.

“No matter what anyone wants to do or say, the bowl system matters in college football,” Stoops said. “The regular season matters.”

Stoops would like to see the regular bowl system continue with an additional game after the BCS bowl games are completed. His hopes to continue with the bowl system is rooted in his desire to have the best experience for his players.

“For people that don’t understand, we get some kids who have never been out of the state of Oklahoma or from Dallas to Oklahoma,” he said. “They haven’t had this advantaged background. We get to take them to Miami, take them to Phoenix, wherever it may be for a five or six day window.”

For Stoops those bowl trips can be invaluable for his players.

“You’re broadening their horizons, teaching them and giving them opportunities to grow and look at what’s out here in the world,” he said. “That needs to be a part of what we do, and that can’t go away. If there’s another game after that, great.”