According to Vegas, Ohio State's starting QB will be ...


At this point, just about everyone has chimed in about the Buckeyes' starting QB.

ESPN analyst Danny Kanell said he would go with Cardale Jones. Ohio State blog "Eleven Warriors" lobbied for J.T. Barrett. And ESPN.com's Brian Bennett cautioned not to sleep on Braxton Miller.

But, up until this weekend, Vegas had stayed out of the QB debate.

That's not the case anymore. On Sunday, sportsbook TopBet.eu devised a prop centering around the race -- and made Barrett the favorite at minus-125, followed by Jones (plus-120) and then Miller (plus-250).

For those of you unfamiliar with the sports-betting landscape, that means a $1.25 bet on Barrett would net you just $1. A $1 bet on Jones would make you $1.20, and a $1 wager on Miller would lead to $2.50.

Does this make the the Buckeyes' QB race any clearer? Heck no. But you have to admit it's interesting. One thing sports analysts, bloggers and fans don't have to do is literally put their money where their mouth is when it comes to projections. Obviously, it's a bit different with sportsbooks.

Personally, I'm surprised Jones isn't considered the favorite. Sure, Barrett posted better per-game averages than Jones, but it's pretty difficult to bet against the signal-caller who upended Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon.

But, like I said, just about everybody has an opinion on this. But nobody -- not even Urban Meyer -- knows the real answer. So, until Meyer names the opening-day starter, we'll just have to keep guessing -- and bettors will have to keep monitoring that prop.